2020 Art Contest Winners!

The first annual art contest by Whitney Art LLC results.
Congratulations to the winners!  


'Treasured Memories'

Best Overall

 This piece inspired every one of the judges.  Congratulations!

Tisdale: beautifully rendered oil and acrylic ... this one is the best.  beautifully painted and composed on canvas.

Kidd: I appreciated the near-lifelike quality of the painting and the use of light in various forms.

Laspina: , winner #16 treasured memories. Love the light and the sense of motion. I feel like the ducks are really there.

Whitney Art LLC statement:  This is an incredible painting.  The contest was very difficult and the judges requested the reference photo that inspired this painting and we could clearly see the artistic interpretation of the artist and was even more blown away by everything about it.  This is not a copy from a photo...it is a beautiful, inspired,  artistic rendered masterpiece!



'Tree ballet'

1st Place

(Top pick for Dennis Applebee )

Applebee:  This piece has a nice balance of abstraction and representation. The rhythm of the trees provides a strong sense of movement that makes it seem they are dancing in the wind. 

Tisdale: The Tree Ballet is Rhythmic, calming, and relays the feelings of gentle ocean breezes producing a general overall settled feeling.

Whitney Art LLC Statement:  This is world class art!  Wonderfully rendered interpretation of color, form, contrast, and movement.  Congratulations!




1st Place

(Top pick for Martha Tisdale)

Tisdale:  Frida is powerful,striking, with complementary colors to smack you in the face! Representing the challenges of the subject in life.

Kidd: This had excellent use of color and would be a fun addition to a lot of rooms I've been in.

Laspina:  Love the use of color and Andy Warhol style

Whitney Art LLC statement: Remarkable piece of art!  Fitting tribute for a great artist! 



'Paint it Black'

1st Place

(Top Pick for Tim Wofford)

 Tisdale:  Very "Dali" ish and super realism with thought provoking dialogue

Wofford: This is the one I choose for the winner.

Whitney Art LLC statement:  This art is a powerful statement and beautifully rendered.


Every paid entry will receive a certificate of participation in the mail.
Thank you all for a GREAT contest!

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