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Special Art Auction 23 Item Review and Sale (March 12-March31, 2022)
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'Inspire someone today to create' - Samantha Yeckel

2020 inventory



plein air / buildings-homes / videos

(Art of the World)


Country Communications

This art represents the miracle of communications in remote places. 
Created June 26, 2020

bid to own the original


Lovely Day 

Magical Art
#971177 SOLD
Oct 20,2020


Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park

October 17, 2020
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The Frame Shop


Buckeye Butterfly

Acrylic  16x20 #971158
Live Studio Painting

The Frame Shop


Driftwood Beach

Acrylic 16x20 #971139
Plein Air
Jekyll Island, Georgia

Ocmulgee Arts, INC
2242 Ingleside Ave, Macon, GA 31204
(478) 746-3541 


Amerson River Plein Air

#971198 SOLD
November 28, 2020
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The Frame Shop


Tattnall Square Park

December 5, 2020
Video on YOUTUBE

The Frame Shop


Sunrise at Driftwood Beach

 Acrylic 16x20 #971146
Plein Air
Jekyll Island, Georgia

The Frame Shop


Creative Capital of the World
Macon , Georgia

Coming soon...
updated:    4 jan 2021

Inspire someone today!


Canvas fun 

This video is about canvas art


Drawing From Life

This video is about drawing from life


Rainshine Award

In a worldwide contest out of 772 entries from 32 countries.
Any of the Special Merit art, in many cases, is interchangeable with the best art that we selected for the top tiers.


Mission Statement

The purpose of Whitney Art LLC is to provide career options for all inspiring artisans and opportunities for businesses and communities in countries with no hope.

Our business model is based on the following principles





We believe that the condition of the world depends heavily on the artisan.

The solemn responsibility of the artist to inspire and uplift providing hope that tomorrow will be a better day by showing the world beauty and truth through every media available.

We believe that it is the business of businesses to provide and maintain a stable patron base atmosphere of well being by promoting the arts and culture.

We believe that we can and will end war on earth by providing hope through the constant support of inspiring and uplifting artisans promoting truth and beauty in every country of the world.


De Composed

Acrylic 40 x 40 
Statement for the year 2020
'Music is a divine language in this artistic representational painting of an original composition.
This piece defines me as an artist and represents my statement to the world about who I am as an artist.
"I am what I am made to be as much as I am myself"


De Composed original score

with Certificate of Authenticity


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