2nd Annual Art Contest Winners 2021!

-Most inspiring art in the world Award-
Marianna Szekely Facebook
Madison Call Foster (Photographer) - " I love the connection to Michaelangelo it portays but with its own unique spin. The woman in the middle is being pulled either way and I think that is very symbolic for how we often feel in life!"

Marianna Szekely - Artist of the Year 2021

Budapest, Hungary

The following are many other inspiring artists and they can all be considered among the most inspiring art in the world

 Keya Mahata India
Breathtakingly beautiful, elegant forms, shapes, colors, and most importantly the feeling, emotional conection, passion, skill, and talent.

 Mahnaz Iran
Brilliant and consistently awe inspiring beauty and majesty in it's most pure form

 Blessing Chakandinakira Zimbabwe
Beautiful, meaningful, and very inspiring, for sure one of the greatest watercolor artsits in the world of our time.

Raul Cabral California
Unique and meaningful in the simplicity of vibrant colors used with bold forms and shapes.

Kainat Ahmad Pakistan
Amazing wonderful colorful beautiful meaningful and special art! I love that it transforms and takes you to another place and time like heaven with a friend.

Satyaja Sanjay Shivthare India
 Coveys the passion and emotional impact of the subject very well.

 Urmi Manoj Chitale India
 The bold design and patterns create a wonderful sense of honor and respect.

 Ruchita Awasthi India
 Amazing connection and message of togetherness and love. Beautiful and inspiring.

 Medardo Olaco Philippines
 Brilliant artist and art style that speaks volumes, it is mesmerizingly elegant, beautiful, symbolic and meaningful.  It is also interestingly joyful, hopeful and sad at the same time.

 Sheik Ahmad Saudi Arabia
Brilliant and stunning work of art! 

Sabira Kazakhstan
Amazing, beautiful, divine, meaningful art expressing the expression of beauty perfectly.

Ahmad Kaya Turkey
Magnificent masterpiece expressing one of the most difficult things in the world to explain.

Sakiba Sahraie Afganistan
Pure emotion and such a wonderful example of art in it's purest form expressing what matters to the spiritual and mental as well as the mortal condition and the connection with it through art, brilliant!

Dusan Krtolica  Serbia
One of the greatest artists of our time expressing the amazing connection of animals and humans. The craftsmanship, detail, design, and expressive artwork is a joy to see and very inspiring.

Renier Cabrera Cuba
Brilliant and amazing visionary art capturing the imagination of the spirit and soul. This art is inspirational spiritual food that lifts the soul to new heights. 

Samantha Redfern  Singapore
Happy and refreshing a visual delight to explore. 

Congratulations to all the winners!
When you create art we all win!
Thank you we love you!

Deadline for entry is September 1, 2021

All winners will be announced by Dec 1, 2021


All Entries

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Whitney – The show has been amazing in every way. All of the art in the show is world class and very inspiring. I believe all artists will agree! The message is universal and clear.

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