2022 International Whitney Art LLC Art Show
Certificate Award MMXXII

Exhibition III: Gathering and Healing the world

- Subject matter open to interpretation
- Open to all artists of the world of any age  
-No Nudity or political themes
- One entry per entry fee to be considered for awards
- All information and pictures must be clear and professional


1. Top Cash Prizes (based on # of entries)
2. 1st - 5th place prizes TBD (based on # of entries)
3. Social Media Promotion and permanant world wide web link
4. Certificates will be awarded to each paid entry
5. Special Certificates will be awarded for top prizes


Deadline for entry: September 1, 2022
Entry $30 -$150 - $(non - refundable)
Awards announced: Dec 1, 2022


How to Enter 
email the following information to: whitneyart2020@gmail.com
or you can send all of the information by social media to Whitney Art LLC
Important: be sure to attach the digital image of your entry for each entry payment.
1. Arist full name and preferred name for the certificate award
2. Title, size, media, date created 
3. Artist general statement of purpose and/or biography
4. Artist statement for the entry
5.  Include any links to sites or social media that show examples of your style

site templates free download

The purpose of this art show is to:
Introduce, welcome, celebrate and show inspiring art from artists around the world.

Send all of the information
with a check or money order and a picture of the art to  be entered
Whitney Art LLC
7441 Hawkinsville Rd
Macon Ga 31216

Copyrights & Usage Rights:
Copyright of the images will remain at all times with the artist.
Images will be used strictly in connection to the awards and will not be used for any other marketing purposes other than to promote Whitney Art LLC and the show. Images will not be resold or used by any other third party. If there is a request for such, we will forward that request to the artist via e-mail.

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