1st Annual Art Contest 2020

currently submissions are closed and the judges have chosen their favorites.
What makes this contest so unique and difficult to judge?  It is open to all categories of art!
The object is to find the BEST art...period!  Let's end the debate or start a new one!
I believe the contest lies in the minds of the judges!  What is good art?  What makes it good?  
What makes one art better than another?  All of these questions are unique to each judge.
This year has been very difficult because every art submission has qualities that set it apart in it's own right!
Every entry is a winner!  I will be making a comment on each one after the judges have made their decisions.
The judges this year represent a wide spectrum of perspective. 
This contest ulitmate objective is to determine the best art among every category and style available.

Judges for 2020

 Dennis Applebee, Professor of Art at Wesleyan College 

Jeremy Kidd, Associate Professor of Law Mercer University School of Law
“ I will judge based on creativity, especially the use of color and form” 

 Penny Meisinger Laspina, Owner and Head chef at Pretty as a Penny Custom Cakes

Tim Wofford, Graduate of Art Institute of Atlanta, Interior Designer at Haverty's

Martha H. Tisdale, Local Macon Georgia Artist

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